Soan Papdi is a popular Indian dessert, a melt-in-the-mouth
indulgence for anyone who has a sweet tooth minus the evils of
unhealthy sugar with Ray

Ray No Sugar Soan Papdi

Flaky, Soft & Sugar free. These sweet bites make a perfect gift for your dear ones on occasions which should be celebrated with all the sweetness, but NO REGRETS.

Ideal for all occasions & festivals

Ray No Sugar Variants

Ray No Sugar
Soan Papdi (Elaichi)
Ray No Sugar
Soan Papdi (Orange)
Ray No Sugar
Soan Papdi (Coconut)
Besan (Bengal gram flour), Refined wheat flour, Elaichi, Pista, Almonds, Refined Edible oil, Pure stevia extract & Artificial flavours.
Ray No Sugar Gulab Jamun
Presenting 100% Sugar-free
Gulab Jamun made with Natural
Stevia Extract.
Ray No Sugar Rasgulla
Presenting 100% Sugar-free
Rasgulla made with Natural
Stevia Extract
E960 Stevoil Glycosides (stevia), E9651, Water, Gulab Jamun Mix / Rasgulla Mix (Skimmed Milk Powder), Wheat flour, Hydrogenated Vegetable oils

Benefits of Ray No Sugar Bites

Ideal for Diabetics
Low Glycemic Index
No added sugar
No artificial sweetener
Gift for all occasions