About Us

Things were going well for us. We had established our name in the timber industry, with a flourishing timber trading business. It was comfortable. Effortless, almost. So, of course, we had to seek the new. Business environment factors and good margins were playing in our favour. The scope to innovate and create a differentiated value proposition tempted us. We saw a gap in the market. And we leapt right in. In good faith. Changing our business direction. Redefining our outlook. That’s how we started living the better next.

In 2016, LB Industries entered the FMCG market with Ray Cooking Spray, a product that addressed a glaring need of the consumer and operated in a category that had a miniscule share. The playing field was vacant, open and calling for a change. We decided to swing it in our favour, creating and adapting the product with better and newer innovations. As Ray Cooking Spray took off as our pilot product, we began to diversify. Today, we offer our consumers a range of products under Ray, our F&B brand, that address their needs intuitively and innovatively. These currently include Ray Cooking Spray

and Ray Sugar, with Ray Honey, Ray Green Tea, Ray Coffee and more to be released soon. Along with these, our standalone brands O and Breathe were born to take care of our consumers’ personal hygiene and freshness needs. The going is good and promises to get even better.
As we leap from milestone to milestone, we are careful to remain dynamic, thoughtful, empathetic and honest. Each of our products is designed keeping the consumer and their specific needs in mind. The result? An ever-increasing range of products that taps into a market, a need and a psyche in a way that brands rarely do.

We believe there’s no better time than the present to start transforming our future.

That’s who we are. Always promising to offer our consumers a better tomorrow.